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Has your dream business turned into an administrative nightmare?  

Are You feeling frustrated trying to do it All?

Ready to run versus run away from your Business?

You really NEED a VA!

Partnering with a virtual assistant will free you up to concentrate on growing your business by allowing you to focus on activities that only you can do. 

If you've taken on the role of administrative assistant in addition to being Chief Executive Officer every minute you spend on routine administrative tasks negatively impacts your business in a number of critical areas. Most importantly, your knowledge, expertise and limited time are being directed towards areas that while necessary and important, do not lead to the overall growth and long-term sustainability of your business.

A Virtual Assistant (VA) can provide administrative and office management services.  Quite simply, we help you organize and manage your time, goals, priorities, and paperwork.

Virtual Assistants Are Collaborative Partners-Virtual Assistants etablish on-going relationships to provide consistent and continuous administrative support in multiple areas.   We are a business partner with a vested interest in learning about and helping you grow your business.

The immediate benefits to you of partnering with a Virtual Assistant include:

Tear down those costly administrative walls  

Time can be on Your Side - Give Us a Call - We'll Show You How!

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Rosalind Harris CAP-OM

 New York State Certified Minority, Woman Owned Business

New York State Certified Notary Public

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