Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?
A VA is an independent virtual office assistant who provides clerical, administrative, technical and personal support to clients from the VA’s remote virtual office. VA’s are very disciplined and able to work autonomously with minimal supervision. Virtual nature of business allows for flexibility to deliver products and services across a wide geographic area.
How Can a VA help me in my Business (VA)?
By outsourcing routine office administration and personal tasks, you are able to focus on what you do best…cultivating relationships and growing your business, or simply enjoy having time to spend with family, take a vacation, and/or pursue personal interests and hobbies.
How Do I Know If I Need a VA?
  • Disorganized or overwhelmed?
  • Missing opportunities?
  • Not networking or marketing the business?
  • Drowning in paperwork?
  • Feeling frustrated trying to do it all?
  • Procrastinating because you don’t know where to begin?
  • Suffering from "analysis paralysis"?
  • Unable to spend time building strategic partnerships or growing a strong referral pipeline?
  • End each day feeling as if you have not accomplished any tasks related to growing the business?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you need to partner with a VA.

What types of tasks can a VA help with?
Services offered differ due to specialized backgrounds. Click here for some of the services offered by Instant Assistant.
I'm not sure what type of help I need or if a VA will work. How will we communicate?
A needs assessment will help determine which tasks can be delegated and identify your communication and work style preferences. We will work together to ensure that you are comfortable with all aspects of the partnership. We can communicate by phone, fax, e-mail, internet, US Mail, and overnight mail. For local clients, in-person meetings are available. Our mission is to help you streamline and outsource administrative, clerical, technical and personal tasks.
Are VA services expensive?

The most important question you can ask yourself is how much revenue you are currently losing on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis by not outsourcing administrative tasks.

VA's as strategic partners, have a vested interest in the success and growth of your business.  If the services we provide help you grow your business in ways that are measurable, that means you will continue to work with us, see the value in our taking on increased responsibility, and use your successful experience to help promote the benefits associated with utilizing VA's.

Rates typically start around $35 per hour, but can be higher based on specialized skills and types of services offered.

Since VA’s are independent contractors and not an employee, it is less expensive to hire a virtual assistant than a traditional in-house assistant with benefits.

Businesses pay only for the actual time worked by the virtual assistant without incurring the cost of built-in expenses such as sick & vacation time and other occurences that result in lost productivity (i.e. personal appointments & phone calls, coffee & lunch breaks, etc).

VA's are responsible for their own taxes, benefits, office, equipment and software. Clients are only responsible for hourly, project or retainer fees plus any additional miscellaneous expenses (i.e. supplies, materials, postage, etc.).

At some point, the ability to consistently grow your business will depend on whether or not you seek administrative help.  The long-term sustainability of your business may very well depend on your decision.

Click here for pricing options.

What about confidentiality?
We will enter into a confidentiality agreement with all clients prior to commencing work. We will not sell or disclose your proprietary information or use information obtained during the course of business for personal gain.
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